These Places of Ours

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GY Arts Festival.

Fringe // +DIY culture.


These Places of Ours. 

An installation under the m8. 

Being born and raised in the city completely tailors the way you respond to your environment. Your ears become accustomed to the sounds of people in constant transit, to the point where silence is unsettling and artificial sounds on your laptop are the key to falling asleep. Your sense of smell is forever being challenged by the smell of freshly baked sausage rolls from Greggs and the stale smell of urine in a tenement doorway. The motorway stands tall regardless of the cities opinion, black from pollution they don’t bother washing it anymore. The trees they once planted to soften the hard concrete blow are long gone and the underpass rejects anyone seeking shelter. A city that was sculpted by its people but completely ignore their problems, the divide has never been more obvious. We want to change the attitude towards the none-places that are in constant use but hold real importance. The places that are avoided when walking home at 3 in the morning, freezing cold and wanting nothing more than a cup of tea and someone to talk to.

location @underthem8

Jack Brown
Jamie Dyer









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